My Fluffy Mafia Daddy

Kidnapping, mentions of a fatphobic ex, sex trafficking, human trafficking (the main character is kidnapped when he’s 12 and taken to a warehouse), keeping people in cages, graphic killing of abusers, discussions of non-consensual activity from when one of the characters was abducted, mentions of needles, and Daddy kink between consenting adults

Debt (Ruthless Daddies Multi-Author Series)

Drug/alcohol/gambling addiction, kidnapping, physical violence and murder, mentions of sexual assault, age gap with power imbalance, Mafia violence, cum play, abusive/toxic parents, father threatens to sell son into sex slavery, public sex/exhibitionism, diapers, pacifiers, and other forms of 18+ regression play

Assassin's Boy

Spanking, body betrayal, consensual dub-con (both like it and are consenting to role-play dubious consent scenarios), murder of bad guys, bondage, humiliation kink, cock warming

Caveman Daddy

Many of the above