My Daddy Is A Hitman (Latest Release)

This is a fluffy book but there are still some warnings: sexual content, adults engaged in a Daddy role play relationship, use of words such as "berry" in intimate scenes, raunchy humor, kidnapping, murder, light torture (when one MC is kidnapped, his abductors whip him... which isn't supposed to get kinky, but feels a little kinky), one character gets intimate with the other character's bellybutton, actually they both bang each other's bellybutton, lack of protection in some intimate scenes, filthy talk that goes from 0 to 100 real quick, a character growth arc where the billionaire needs to quit calling employees worker bees, and oh yeah--lots of cuddles. Not really a warning, but can't forget the cuddles XD

My Fluffy Mafia Daddy 

Kidnapping, mentions of a fatphobic ex, sex trafficking, human trafficking (the main character is kidnapped when he’s 12 and taken to a warehouse), keeping people in cages, graphic killing of abusers, discussions of non-consensual activity from when one of the characters was abducted, mentions of needles, and Daddy kink between consenting adults

Debt (Ruthless Daddies Multi-Author Series)

Drug/alcohol/gambling addiction, kidnapping, physical violence and murder, mentions of sexual assault, age gap with power imbalance, Mafia violence, cum play, abusive/toxic parents, father threatens to sell son into sex slavery, public sex/exhibitionism, diapers, pacifiers, and other forms of 18+ regression play

Assassin's Boy

Spanking, body betrayal, consensual dub-con (both like it and are consenting to role-play dubious consent scenarios), murder of bad guys, bondage, humiliation kink, cock warming

Caveman Daddy

Many of the above