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I couldn't let him go without making him my boy.

After my ex-boyfriend left me because of my weight, I swore off relationships forever

He refused to eat my cooking and he cheated on me with another man.

Ever since, I've devoted myself to rescuing abandoned puppies and ignoring my heart.

Everything changes when I rescue the twenty-year-old angel in the alley.

He doesn't have a name and he doesn't know why he's standing next to a dead body.

But when he stares into my eyes, I feel emotions I haven't allowed myself to feel in so long.

I should stay away from him, because there's no way he'd ever want me, right?

Except when he confesses he loves my size and wants me to be his Papa Bear… there's no way I can turn him down.

Am I ready to be a Daddy again?


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About Aster Rae

Hi! I'm Aster Rae. I write MM Mafia stories with lots of love and heart. When I'm not writing, I can be found munching on dairy-free ice cream bars and daydreaming about my favorite Mafia hunks.