MM Romance that's GROWLY and SWEET!




Why is it so hard to find a quality Daddy after forty?!

It’s like the gods conspired to hate me—WTF did I do wrong?

I’m an architect by trade. Yeah, yeah—boring! I need a man who can rip me out of this lame life and make me come alive!

Lady Luck smiles down on me when I meet DiscreetDaddy on a lifestyle dating app. He’s ripped, drop-dead gorgeous—and uhhhh, seventeen years younger than me?

Though our connection is instant, I’m not sure what he does for a living. 

He’d better not belong to the rumor-plagued Italian Mafia family I’m designing a new luxury villa for…

Forget it—even if he is, I can’t let that stop me!

I ain’t getting any younger… Mr. Discreet better not run when I call him Daddy!

About Aster Rae

Hi! I'm Aster Rae. I write MM Mafia stories with lots of love and heart. When I'm not writing, I can be found munching on dairy-free ice cream bars and daydreaming about my favorite Mafia hunks.